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1. lusi5 November 2011, 17:52 GMT +01:00


The time for a new Christmas competition has come! A little bit different, but as fun as always!

Everyone uploads up to 5 Christmas pics on November 16th, not a day earlier, not a day later. The aproovers review them and the competition starts. There is no voting. The number of downloads by the closing date December 20th will decide the winners – one photo and one graphic.

Who can enter? Anyone who registers at RGBstock, even if they currently have no images online, may enter this competition.

The rules:

1. Minimum image size – the shortest side of your image should be no less than 1200 megapixels. Maximum image size is our standard limit of 30mb.

2. Your entries are to be uploaded as normal images, but they must contain one of the following keywords:

for photographs – comphot04
for graphics - comgrap04

3. The theme is CHRISTMAS, and everything that relates to it. Cultural variations on the theme are welcome. “Winter Holiday” images will also be accepted. The image has to be useful for stock, and of a quality that is normally accepted here.

4. You may enter 5 images. They can be all photos, all graphics, or a mix of both. All images must be new. You may not enter any images that are already posted here.

5. On December 20th the number of downloads of all entries will be compared and the winners announced soon after in the General Chat Forum.

And don't forget:

UPLOAD DATE: November 16th, 2011

2. xymonau6 November 2011, 0:49 GMT +01:00

Wonderful, Sanja! We'd better get snapping and creating, then.

3. fangol6 November 2011, 9:42 GMT +01:00

Fantastic information. Let's get to work :)

4. lusi6 November 2011, 22:56 GMT +01:00

The winning images will be displayed on the front page!

5. xymonau7 November 2011, 8:56 GMT +01:00

We only have nine days. This is going to be fun.

6. tinneketin7 November 2011, 10:11 GMT +01:00

Great news. :o)

7. happyture7 November 2011, 22:38 GMT +01:00


8. gesinek7 November 2011, 22:52 GMT +01:00

I'm very excited, I'm not the shooting star, but I like competition

9. Zela9 November 2011, 9:37 GMT +01:00

Great work for starting this off Sanja! ;-) Now I have to get creative....

10. xymonau15 November 2011, 10:52 GMT +01:00

One day to go here, two elsewhere. Don't forget that time is almost here to upload!

11. fangol16 November 2011, 0:30 GMT +01:00

I've just upload my 5 christmas illustration :)
Merry Christmas ;)

12. Groningen16 November 2011, 2:57 GMT +01:00

Great works fangol
and a Merry Christmas to you too

for better or worse
I've uploaded my four Christmas related illustrations

thank you for organizing this competition lusi

13. fangol16 November 2011, 9:43 GMT +01:00

Yours illustrations are also great :)
You must correct keyword "comgrap4" to "comgrap04"

Good Day Everyone :)

14. Groningen16 November 2011, 17:07 GMT +01:00

I've changed the keywords, thanks for warning me :-)

15. tinneketin16 November 2011, 17:52 GMT +01:00

Me too for the first tree images but it's not working for this keyword now ?

16. boogy_man16 November 2011, 20:11 GMT +01:00

Oh gosh :( I'm too late, just read the post, hope to see the winning images, good luck to all that are in :D

17. Gramps17 November 2011, 13:45 GMT +01:00

If I'd known you guys were going for it I might have had second thoughts :0)
Some really nice work in there.

18. Groningen18 November 2011, 1:05 GMT +01:00

@Gramps: your singing trees are very sweet and funny ;-)

19. Gramps18 November 2011, 8:46 GMT +01:00

Can't beat a good silhouette for stock though, I'm using your's already. My grandchildren will be using them this weekend :0)

20. Groningen18 November 2011, 13:32 GMT +01:00

:-) :-) :-)

21. xymonau21 December 2011, 14:30 GMT +01:00

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