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Like nature UK, you'll love this!

1. happyture8 November 2011, 10:08 GMT +01:00


338. happyture29 January 2012, 10:36 GMT +01:00

Ha ha ha ha ha OOOOOOW ha ha ha ha ,,,,whats that nervous twitch for dezzie, I aint a bunny boiler honest,,,right, now address please, i gotted the most himportant bit Oztralia juss give me the rest twitch twitch,,,,,

339. xymonau29 January 2012, 12:39 GMT +01:00

Go to the pointy bit an' turn right. You can't miss it.

340. happyture29 January 2012, 22:51 GMT +01:00

is that the bit that looks like a Scotty dogs ear, or the other bit???

341. xymonau30 January 2012, 10:16 GMT +01:00


342. happyture31 January 2012, 6:44 GMT +01:00

Which? dont be nervous,,why you shaking???

343. xymonau31 January 2012, 10:22 GMT +01:00


As far as I c'n tell, there's ony one pointy bit.

344. happyture31 January 2012, 11:21 GMT +01:00

COME ON NOW PLAY THE GAME,,,you knows theres two pointy bits,,Cape York, and that pointy bit by Adelaide,,,Now speak the truth which pointy bit?

345. xymonau1 February 2012, 9:50 GMT +01:00

But that's a TINY pointy bit! I mean Cape York, of course. Follow the road souf, an' you'll see me. I'll wave to make it easier.

346. happyture1 February 2012, 10:27 GMT +01:00

But Dezzie how will i know its you cuz lots of women wave at me all the time?

347. xymonau1 February 2012, 11:58 GMT +01:00

I'm the hugly one.

348. happyture1 February 2012, 13:36 GMT +01:00

YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!!!! I can say it,,,But you cant say that, I was a Ugly Ducking once upon a time,,Now im just a beautiful Fgly Ucker...

349. xymonau1 February 2012, 14:12 GMT +01:00

Can so say it. It's true. I don't feel very good about myself right now. But that will pass.

350. happyture1 February 2012, 14:44 GMT +01:00

Dont be silly you is a marbulous women, loads of qualifications and stuff, car, your own teefs, huh what more you want?

351. xymonau1 February 2012, 14:46 GMT +01:00

Yeah, an I gots spare teefs I c'n borrer from you an' all. What man wooden't want me?

352. happyture1 February 2012, 20:15 GMT +01:00

Zactly, i bet yoo has um queuing up at the door, :O)

353. xymonau2 February 2012, 10:58 GMT +01:00

Nah, they's Mormons.

354. happyture2 February 2012, 16:36 GMT +01:00

Well i muss sez they did look spisious , i seed them on google earth when i zoomed into your house,,All them old men lined up in their raincoats and Wellington boots, Smiling like cheshire cats all of um :OP

355. xymonau4 February 2012, 11:49 GMT +01:00

They tole me they was Mormons! I thunk they was a bit odd.

356. happyture4 February 2012, 16:37 GMT +01:00

See Dezzie you is juss so sweet n gullible man's will take advantage of gullibleness like wot you has...

357. xymonau5 February 2012, 3:31 GMT +01:00

So they wozzent Mormon photographers who c'n make me faymuss?

358. happyture5 February 2012, 8:22 GMT +01:00

NO, i think they was moron photographers, tryin to get a snap of you in that poka dot bikini,yes indeedy...

359. xymonau5 February 2012, 8:39 GMT +01:00


360. happyture5 February 2012, 17:53 GMT +01:00

Yeah, bikini them sort of cameramans like um see..

361. xymonau6 February 2012, 10:14 GMT +01:00

I should put one on?

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