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Camera for Christmas!

1. happyture13 December 2011, 7:37 GMT +01:00

Well its that time of year again, the photography shops are full to the britches with sparkly new cameras with more pixels and wonder gadgetry than you can wave a stick at, I am looking for a new camera but dont want to have a wheelbarrow to carry it around, I have been looking closely at the Panasonic G3 amazed at the size and control this camera seems to have, yet i am concerned that the iso settings only goes down to 160iso,,,,that i feel is rather high as my little fuji and Big Nikon go down much lower around 80iso with the fuji and 100iso with the Nikon,,,I can hear you all saying OMG he's rambling again, BUT i would love to hear your opinions on the many cameras that are on the market at the moment.

674. happyture23 December 2012, 2:19 GMT +01:00

Yes i too have known a few Doc's that well,,were a little bit off from the norm, one stunk of booze day and night, I can remember as a kid he came to see my mother who was so ill she couldn't walk, she was suffering from Gaul stones and turned jaundice, he said she had a mild tummy bug, 2 hours later my father phoned for a ambulance and she was rushed to hospital, she was operated on straight away as it had ruptured, they said if we had not of phoned she would have died,,Sad but true, I have little faith in doctors now, especially after my little accident in the physiotherapy pool :O(

675. xymonau23 December 2012, 2:39 GMT +01:00

Have you told me about that accident? I can't remember.

676. happyture24 December 2012, 9:40 GMT +01:00

No,,,,After damaging my back at work i had to go to horsepiddle for fizzyotherpy, they duly put me into a swimming pool , the idea was to place a float ring around my ankles to make my legs float while holding onto the rail,, this they did, the nurse was there until a phone rung she got out the pool and vanished,,,,about 15 minutes must have gone before my grip on the rail gave way, because i had a float ring around my ankles i was duly flipped upside down with my head under the water, the float ring was tight around my ankles and i could not kick it off to release myself,,things just went black, i thought it was game up,,,next thing i knew a young boy who i was taking to before must of jumped in and pulled me out James Furber his name was and i shall never forget him....

677. xymonau24 December 2012, 9:56 GMT +01:00

Oh, Mike! That's horrific! Thank goodness there was someone who noticed! You should have sued them. Or did you?

678. happyture24 December 2012, 12:54 GMT +01:00

No i didnt Sue them, i was told i had a good cause but at the end of the day the NHS is suffering enough here and i didn't want to drain it even more, The nurse would have lost her job also and i couldn't live with the thought of that :O)

679. xymonau24 December 2012, 13:10 GMT +01:00

Firstly, the insurance company would have paid, not the NHS. Secondly, she would have lost her job, but you nearly lost your life! How many more near misses has she left behind? Gee! I know you are kind hearted, but if I met her, I'd tell her what a neglectful and irresponsible person she is. I'd tap it out on her noggin in morse code. LOUDLY.

680. happyture24 December 2012, 14:03 GMT +01:00

Ah bless you Dezzie I know you would have given her the wrath of Dezzie, I never seen the nurse again after that so maybe they moved her somewhere else, However my partner thought it was hilarious when i told her, but there again she laughs when old ladies fall over ? never mind its all in the past and yet not as scary as the time i was stabbed in the back with a carving knife :O)

681. xymonau24 December 2012, 14:19 GMT +01:00

???!!! Well, you have to tell me about that, now.

682. happyture24 December 2012, 14:37 GMT +01:00

Cant Dezzie, it would give you nightmares,,,,Really :O(

683. xymonau24 December 2012, 14:59 GMT +01:00

I don't want you having nightmares about it, so okay. But you should be named Felix, I think.

684. happyture24 December 2012, 15:14 GMT +01:00

Yes,,Two near misses not good for your health you knows :O)

685. xymonau24 December 2012, 15:24 GMT +01:00

Seems to be good for yours. Just a bit of bark knocked off. You're too darn healthy if you ask me.

686. happyture27 December 2012, 11:09 GMT +01:00

Not healthy, just got a good Guardian Angel by my side, Not doing too bad really, as after my accident they told me 5 years and i wouldn't be able to walk and would need an op,,but 18 years and im still walking, So yes it has to be my Guardian Angel :)

687. xymonau30 December 2012, 6:47 GMT +01:00

And the fact that you've done the hard yards with exercise, etc. I think attitude is half the battle. You're a good man, Mikey. Oh, yes, I know what the coppers say, but you did steal their squad car, dinchoo?

688. happyture30 December 2012, 10:46 GMT +01:00

Ha ha,, Stubborn some say, And Dezzie Id rather you not use the word Steal no, I much prefer borrowed without asking if you dont mind as it sounds much less personal :O)

689. xymonau30 December 2012, 13:11 GMT +01:00

Butchoo painted it an' sold it to the Harabs. I don't think it qualifies as borrerin'.

690. happyture30 December 2012, 14:37 GMT +01:00

Errrr,,,Well,,,,Had to paint it cuz the Harabs dont like black n white so i painted it a lovely MetAlec gold an the loved it :)

691. xymonau30 December 2012, 14:49 GMT +01:00

See? You wanted 'em to keep it! Gold hindeed. You mixes wiff powerful people, Mikey. They buys yor borrered fings.

692. happyture30 December 2012, 20:55 GMT +01:00

Hot to the fingers but perfeck wurkin order thats how i like to sell me things :O)

693. xymonau31 December 2012, 1:01 GMT +01:00

The photos of the KANGAROO ABOMINATION are on my Facebook page. You still wanna come here, Mikey? Hmmm?

694. happyture31 December 2012, 9:56 GMT +01:00

Phew, thats scary, what twisted mutated chisel wielding maniac whittled those out, they are awful....

695. xymonau31 December 2012, 10:40 GMT +01:00

I thought you'd like them. Sinister and cold, and strangely alien, it was. AND it had a baby with the same look! I tells you - your Welsh drop bear looks friendlier.

696. happyture31 December 2012, 23:53 GMT +01:00

I Know, truly nasty looking things them are Dezzie dont do Roo's any justice at all :O(

697. xymonau1 January 2013, 1:37 GMT +01:00

Well, not the NICE roos, ennyways...

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