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Attention Stephen

1. xymonau21 January 2012, 15:47 GMT +01:00

Since you so publicly berated me on one of my images, I am going to publicly respond. I will thank you to have no further correspondence with me after this as I find your attitude as a self-appointed critic of just about everything incredibly tiresome and a bit tragic. Now it's personal.

Here is the link to the image:

Although I have no care about your opinion, I do care that you, out of your considerable ignorance, have made statements that are not true, and I, because of changes to this board, can no longer respond to you on the image itself. I will delete your comments after people have had a chance to read them and see how incredibly righteous and caring you are.

Firstly, do you know who the photo is of? No. Do you know if it still looks like the person? No. Do you know whether I have permission to use it or not? No. Did you ask? No. Instead, you went off on a public tirade as you always do.

Give us all a break and go away. I find you insufferable, intolerant and full of yourself. How dare you carry on, (not to mention the multiple exclamation marks - how gallant you are to fight for the rights of the planet), without first asking me privately. Had you asked, I would have responded to your questions. I have no intention of responding to you now, and the image remains. I really like it, and so does the model.

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