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I may be asking this in the wrong place...

1. RaineeRose24 April 2012, 4:04 GMT +02:00

I just signed up for this site tonight because I'm looking for images to use with a blog post. I've downloaded two so far, but before I use them, I want to be absolutely certain that I'm not infringing on any copyrights. As I said, they will be used in a blog post, credited with the photographer's name and rgbstock.com (as the FAQ suggests), and I'll also include links to each photographer's gallery.

I hope this isn't a dumb question. I just want to be sure that I'm using the site correctly.

Thank you so much.


2. micromoth24 April 2012, 6:07 GMT +02:00

Hi RaineeRose, welcome to RGBStock!
Thanks for your integrity in asking the question, and no it isn't dumb at all.
By way of answering it, yes indeed, the use of the images for blogs, newsletters and so on is one of the many purposes for which RGBStock was set up. I personally am always delighted to receive feedback on the use of my images on blogs and I'm sure many others here feel the same way. As it says elsewhere on the site - in admittedly small and easy to overlook print - "Want an image for your blog? Looking for ideas? Check out the RGBStock galleries packed with high quality stock photos and find what you are searching for!"
It looks like you're already finding what you're looking for and I'm pleased to hear it. Please tell all your contacts about RGBStock too.

3. RaineeRose24 April 2012, 12:47 GMT +02:00

Thank you for your response! I did use six photos in my blog. I credited the sources and added links to the galleries, and i commented in the comment sections here. I'm very happy with the images I chose and appreciate that this site exists! Thank you again!


4. xymonau24 April 2012, 13:04 GMT +02:00

And thank you for letting us know. It is so nice to receive credit and see where the images are used. We have a bit of everything, and new images every day, so be certain to come back.

I have just spent quite a while reading your blog and some of the links. Wonderful stuff. Thank you! I'll bookmark it.

5. RaineeRose24 April 2012, 21:13 GMT +02:00

Thank you. That's sweet of you to say. :)

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