eddiefouse (Eddie Fouse)

Eddie C Fouse Jr
Born Norfolk, Va. Aug 8 1957

I would like to start with a brief history. I came to Beaufort, SC 1975 from Brunswick, Georgia as a US Marine recruit trained at Parris Island after boot camp it was off to Camp Lejeune, NC for more training finishing with a high enough score in my class I got to chose my duty station well bring young I wanted to be as close as I could to home and guess what I found it only 120 miles from home I was stationed at (MCAS) Marine Crops Air Station Beaufort until the fall 1978 when I’m off to Denmark and Germany while in Germany I receive orders to Japan after an year in Japan, reenlisting while in Japan returning to the states in 1980 to MCAS until my discharge 1983. Living between South Carolina and Georgia until settling in Beaufort, SC 1990 Meeting and marring my wife Dee in Brunswick, Georgia Nov 26 1990 Now we have 4 children and 6 grand children,Let me not forget that now I’m a proud parent of a US Marine my youngest daughter Samantha entered into the Marine Crops in 2008 and now on her second tour.

My beginnings as a photographer are a humble one. I had little to no formal training in photography, but because of my intense interest in photography, and wiliness to learn I began my quest to become a photographer, I learned largely on my own by reading, studying as many photography books and videos that I could and still can get my hands on because learning can’t stop, to think that you have learned all is fruitless as new techniques are always being devolved. And each day I shot photos I’m learning more from trail and error than can be shown in any class. I believe that if you apply your self to any thing that you truly love you will be a successful at it.

These photographic works here are images that my family and friends consider to be some of my best work. Image are of different locations thru out the southeast, northeast United States, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana most are of our home town of Beaufort S.C. Images range color to black and white also a few works that I have designed using Photoshop. With the outdoors as my backdrop and use of the natural light the idea is to bring the subject matter to life showing the natural beauty of what every the subject is.

As a photographer my main objective is to make the subject shine and delight the viewer, spark an emotion whether it is happiness, sadness, joy or some other emotion that would be brought out in the viewer by seeing the image. After viewing the images in this portfolio I hope that would consider me as a photographer that done my job and brought forward some emotion in you. Through my view finder are many amazing things to see join me in a kaleidoscope journey of photographic wonderment

name: Eddie Fouse
gender: male
city: Fort Wayne
country: United States
camera: I use a number of cameras
RGBstock since: March 2013
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