vchibba (Vinay Chibba)

I like new things, sometimes.

Love East London, South Africa. Miss my family and my friends.

To my good friends, we all have different paths to follow and lives to lead, but to all those in my life who share memories with me. You will never be forgotten, no matter how much we don't keep in touch. You mean the world to me.

Like - fresh flowers, good home made Indian chaa, the smell of rain, cold weather, affordable quality services and products that work without falling apart right after guarantee/warranty expires, Vicks, Zam-buck, fresh fruit and veg, cheap printer ink, good paper, new car/computer smell, PlayStation, dictionaries, Scrabble, Science, Science-fiction & lots more

Love - My family especially my darling wife and one in a million Mother. I miss all those people who I share special memories with. My old black Adidas and All-Stars. Love sugar beans, new jeans, clean windows, baby soft toilet roll, Apple Macintosh, all Adobe software, good advertising, great art, red wine, music, my car sound, learning, good printing, old books and more.

HATE - bills, the tax man. TRAFFIC, last minute notice on anything except seeing my favorite friends, cheap toilet roll, dust, lies, deceit, 2 faced individuals, cheap staplers, being sick.

Dislike - poor service, poor quality products that fall apart just after the warranty/guarantee expires, hot weather, poor quality printing, cold tea/coffee/food, Sambuca, box wine, Windows & CorelDraw, overpricing on goods/property/services,

name: Vinay Chibba
gender: male
city: Pretoria
country: South Africa
camera: Samsung 12.1 mpx
RGBstock since: September 2010
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Smiling Crocodile

Smiling Crocodile

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