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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

3170. Gramps28 July 2011, 14:05 GMT +02:00

It's a shame moths don't eat any of these things. Never mind, I have a hot light bulb for him to play with :0)

3171. xymonau28 July 2011, 14:19 GMT +02:00

Make it a candle. Please.

3172. gesinek28 July 2011, 20:23 GMT +02:00

Phil, do you hate...little...Prizey?????

3173. micromoth28 July 2011, 23:28 GMT +02:00

I LOVE little Prizey, especially his bank account.

3174. Gramps29 July 2011, 9:19 GMT +02:00

Her bank Account :0)
Why would I hate little prizey?
Dez, I presume you want one of those huge church candles, why not go for the full blown bonfire ?
Kev mate, I think it's time for a metamorphysis, show your true self and let the alter ego go. let the tiger appear :0)

3175. gesinek29 July 2011, 10:54 GMT +02:00

You don't treat HIM well. All you want is HIS money and that HE hurts HIMself with a hot light bulb. Isn't it?

But your invitation to the party is very kind. Thank you ;-)

3176. micromoth29 July 2011, 11:16 GMT +02:00

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the middle of the night
Will set your bedclothes all alight
If you don't treat him right.

There, Phil! Will that do?

3177. Gramps29 July 2011, 12:57 GMT +02:00

Perfick matey, perfick.
Gesine, the lightbulb was for Moffs, not the prize, SHE's quite safe :0)

3178. gesinek29 July 2011, 22:33 GMT +02:00

I'm relieved to hear that. Does Prizey wear girls dresses when it stay by you?

3179. xymonau30 July 2011, 10:24 GMT +02:00

Oh, Gesine...I have something to tell you about all the men here...I don't know how to say this...

Those aren't kilts, and even if they were, what Scotsman have you ever seen whose frilly underwear hung below the hem? I thought the makeup would tell you the story. Or the high heels. We must be quick. You do a silly dance, and while they are wondering what's going on, I'll grab the prize and whisk him to the safety of the Antipodes.

3180. Gramps30 July 2011, 21:00 GMT +02:00

Watchit Dez or Moffs'll hit you wiv is andbag !
You really shouldn't let your imagination run away with you Dez. Remember what that nice man in the white coat keeps telling you, keep taking those little pink pillls and you'll be OK. Unless that silly dance is something special, forget it.

3181. xymonau31 July 2011, 1:55 GMT +02:00

Gesine is the silliest dancer I have ever seen. Believe me - it's special.

I HAVE been taking the pink pills. Handfuls of them. Whee-e-e-e!

3182. micromoth31 July 2011, 8:30 GMT +02:00

This explains a lot. And watch out for the "condiments" in the soup!

3183. xymonau31 July 2011, 8:50 GMT +02:00

Oh, the condiments won't hurt you. They're all dead now.

3184. micromoth31 July 2011, 12:05 GMT +02:00

Aaagh! Eck, eck, eck!

3185. xymonau31 July 2011, 12:07 GMT +02:00

Unejumacated moff! Ruffian! It's "heck".

3186. micromoth31 July 2011, 13:44 GMT +02:00

Unejamacated??!! Me???
I'll have you know that "eck" is the anglicisation of the old elvish "yrch", which in the common tongue is translated orc. I believe it is the main ingredient in some forms of soup.

3187. xymonau31 July 2011, 14:15 GMT +02:00

Now you're soundin' like a flippin' seagull.

3188. micromoth31 July 2011, 14:39 GMT +02:00

Jonathan Seagull?

3189. xymonau31 July 2011, 15:18 GMT +02:00

Jonathan LIVINGSTONE Seagull, I presume. And we all know what happened to him.

Life...isn't ev-er-y-thi-ing,
isn't ev-er-y-thi-ing...

What kind of message is that for depressed teenagers?!

3190. micromoth31 July 2011, 16:24 GMT +02:00

Sometimes you can have too much of everything. Such as two "i"s. No wonder teenagers get depressed about their spelling!

3191. gesinek31 July 2011, 20:44 GMT +02:00

I think you've all taken too much of your pink pills.

Or something wrong got in the soup, by accident.

3192. micromoth31 July 2011, 21:11 GMT +02:00

Er... it's not so much a matter of something wrong that got *IN* the soup....

I hear that Dez also calls it argo-juice.


3193. Gramps1 August 2011, 10:01 GMT +02:00

Gesine, if you ever want some time off work (say 3 months or so) just have a spoonfull of Dez's soup. I say a spoonfull because the spoon doesn't last long enough for a second try :0)

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