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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

3194. xymonau1 August 2011, 11:26 GMT +02:00

I was spelling it as it was sung, but of course a unhejumacated Pomgolian might not recognise that. And when was it too much to have two eyes?!

Gesine, something wrong got in the soup - definitely. But it was no accident.

I wot not the reference to argo juice.

Gran'pa Phil - you are correct, of course. As soon as other soup hopefuls see that I have allowed access, they rush up and snatch the spoon from the hand of the diner because they all want some.

3195. micromoth1 August 2011, 11:53 GMT +02:00

Argo juice featured in a sci-fi story. Stronger than aqua regia, it ate its way through anything.

Extraordinary that in Oz apparently folk will rush up to eat the spoon...

3196. xymonau1 August 2011, 12:24 GMT +02:00

Red dwarf?

Ah, even the faint trace of my delicious consomme on a used spoon is enough to send the kanossers wild.

3197. micromoth1 August 2011, 13:01 GMT +02:00

I'm horrified that you make consomme out of dwarfs, red or not! What next, I wonder???

3198. xymonau1 August 2011, 13:22 GMT +02:00

Perhaps I can offer you a blueberry moffin'?

3199. micromoth1 August 2011, 13:45 GMT +02:00

oh goody. I love blueberries.

3200. xymonau1 August 2011, 13:46 GMT +02:00

Get in.

3201. gesinek1 August 2011, 13:57 GMT +02:00

Beware of the aqua regia, Kevin. May be they can gain it out of blueberries down under. I have to think very strongly about my next visit in an Australian restaurant called Down Under here.

3202. Gramps1 August 2011, 14:19 GMT +02:00

After all that................. still my prize :0)

3203. xymonau1 August 2011, 14:56 GMT +02:00

Then why is he screaming and crying and calling out for Arabella?

3204. gesinek1 August 2011, 16:00 GMT +02:00

He's not crying Arabella, Arabella. Listen closely... it's Gesine, Gesine, where are you?
I'm here Prizey

3205. micromoth1 August 2011, 23:12 GMT +02:00

@3204 An Oz restaurant called Down Under? Hmm... Is that Six Feet Down Under?

3206. Gramps2 August 2011, 8:16 GMT +02:00

My prize ! She just came running to me after Dez spilt some soup on a sunset photograph. Looks fantastic but some of it splashed on the prize and I had to apply first aid :0)

3207. xymonau2 August 2011, 11:32 GMT +02:00

If he has become a she, one can only imagine where it splashed. And since when do you answer to "Gesine"? Forgot who you are in your old age? You left a couple of hats on the park bench, by the way. They look fantastic, too, but someone might want to sit down.

Gesine is holdin' up an ice cream cone, and while it looks fabulous also, have you thought it just might melt and run down your arm? Or are you trying to hide it from the poor hungry little prize? For shame!

The moff has some wonderful images of chalk cliffs an' things, but where's the flippin' blackboard? Hey? The prize will never receive an ejumacation without a blackboard, now will he/she/it?

3208. Gramps2 August 2011, 12:55 GMT +02:00

Oh the pain? How could you be so hurtful to an old man wots allways treated you with the respect you deserve (don't say anything yet Moffs, I haven't finished).
I'm not sure that my poor old heart can take it, pass me the Jack Dan's.
Thank's Prize, now let's leg it before she recovers.

3209. xymonau2 August 2011, 13:37 GMT +02:00

AHA! An alkyhollic! I'm going to report you to the prize abuse authorities. You've been messing with his name, his clothes, his gender, his diet, and now his leg. AND, I might ask - what heart? You've run off with a poor widder woman's only upkeep, dressed it in a frock an' called it "Arabella" or "Rita" or something equally hideous. Even Gesine - poor little ice cream eatin' girl - has never psychologically damaged the little prize. Well, not too much, anyway.

3210. micromoth2 August 2011, 13:55 GMT +02:00

Whereas you have?

The Prize has come back to me. Us moths don't drink alcohol, so he feels safe. More nectar anyone?

3211. xymonau2 August 2011, 14:28 GMT +02:00

Whereas I have doted upon him with love and affection as only a Mumsy can. he loves me dearly and never wants to leave.

Oh, I'm seein' visions of the Butterfly ball! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sn1UqbbbqQ

3212. gesinek2 August 2011, 18:04 GMT +02:00

@3205: Not six feet under but 6 stairs down to enter that location.
@3207: It was strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Prizey only likes chocolate. And I tried to save it from nasty wasps for I can eat it before it melts away.

I have to take a look in the ice box to see if there's enough chocolate ice cream for Prizey and enough strawberry taste for me. Oh yes, there's enough. So we will now enjoy the evening sun with something yummy watching butterflies and hearing frogs croak.

3213. xymonau3 August 2011, 10:29 GMT +02:00

Well, if you like the sounds of dying Frenchmen, far be it from me to prevent you participating in your little hobby. I'd throw that butter out when you finish. You can see where all those flies landed.

3214. micromoth3 August 2011, 20:11 GMT +02:00

Yoohoo Prizey! If you've had enough of this (and I know you have) come to me. I have loads of chocolate ice-cream!

3215. Gramps3 August 2011, 23:57 GMT +02:00

Oh Dez ! Hic! Jush for a mo' I forgosh abowt the prizzzz. Jush the picshure of Ges sitting in the shun with a mass of dying frenshmen laid awound the lawn creashed me up.

Your so damn sharp you'll cut yourself one day girl.

OK prizey, b****r the ice cream, lets go and have another JD.

Note: Sitting didn't have an 'h' added. Would have got me into deep ****

3216. micromoth4 August 2011, 6:05 GMT +02:00

Now Phil, I know that you, being a man of senior years, familiar with the sense of judicious and discreet deportment, are amenable to the requests of good and sensible reason: Please - put your teeth back in. There's a good fellow.

Yay! Prize has come back to me and we're sharing a tub or two of chocolate icecream. He didn't like this chap Jack Daniels.

3217. gesinek4 August 2011, 8:47 GMT +02:00

LOL, how can you get me sooo wrong! Sweet little innocent me. leo.org says my translation for 'Frosch' (the little green to brown animals which lives nearby lakes and tarns) is ok. Prizey says Frenchman will be huffy when you call them frogs. I told him/her here is no one from that country busy on this site, right??
By the way, Prizey likes whipping cream to the chocolate ice cream.

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