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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

3794. xymonau13 December 2011, 4:19 GMT +01:00

Be fair. You are beyond help, after all.

3795. micromoth13 December 2011, 13:06 GMT +01:00

Lol! I'm the person *giving* the help; I don't need it myself.

3796. xymonau13 December 2011, 13:35 GMT +01:00

Right, right! And Cinderella was a historical figure, too.

3797. micromoth13 December 2011, 23:11 GMT +01:00

Dear me! I think you'd better up the dose of your pills...

3798. xymonau14 December 2011, 9:24 GMT +01:00

But you refuse to take them. What can I do?

3799. micromoth14 December 2011, 17:27 GMT +01:00

Take them. All. Please.

3800. xymonau15 December 2011, 9:14 GMT +01:00

No, sweetie. These are for you. See? There's your name on the bottle!

3801. micromoth15 December 2011, 13:15 GMT +01:00

The only name on my bottle is Chateauneuf. And a very nice name too. Hic.

3802. xymonau15 December 2011, 13:56 GMT +01:00

*he thinks he's reading French again. sigh*

You've had a tad too much, Moff. That says, "Shatterproof". The guards always put your wine in plastic bottles for safety's sake.

3803. micromoth15 December 2011, 14:20 GMT +01:00

Oh no it doesn't - it says Shostakovich. A composer who not only plonked piano keys but also knew a good bottle of plonk when he saw it. *Sigh...*

3804. xymonau15 December 2011, 14:56 GMT +01:00

You may play some to celebrate my win.

3805. micromoth15 December 2011, 17:29 GMT +01:00

Well, birds of a feather may flock together, but I'm the one at the top. See http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/mw2XZkO/Winner+and+runner-up

3806. xymonau15 December 2011, 23:58 GMT +01:00

A fabulous photo, but it bears no relevance to me winning this game. Sometimes you're an obtuse little man, aren't you?

3807. micromoth16 December 2011, 19:43 GMT +01:00

Obtuse? Not at all! I'm acute. If you get my angle.

3808. xymonau17 December 2011, 10:33 GMT +01:00

I've always thought you were far too angular to be cute.

3809. micromoth17 December 2011, 11:11 GMT +01:00

Ooh! How sharp. But fortunately I'm quite equilateral.

3810. xymonau17 December 2011, 11:44 GMT +01:00

And yet, completely immaterial. How verbose of you. But it's nice to see you with a hobby. Helps to heal the despair of your loss.

3811. micromoth17 December 2011, 12:40 GMT +01:00

Lol! I see that your hobby is making jokes. Hoohoohoo! The idea that I might not win - what a laugh! I'm still chortling. And still winning.

3812. xymonau17 December 2011, 15:23 GMT +01:00

Still using invented words, too, I see. Winning? When? What?

3813. micromoth17 December 2011, 15:23 GMT +01:00

This. Now.

3814. xymonau17 December 2011, 15:25 GMT +01:00

This sharpened stick? And it's nasty side effects? Right now? Well, okay, if you're certain.

3815. micromoth17 December 2011, 15:30 GMT +01:00

And a merry Christmas to you too!

3816. xymonau18 December 2011, 0:59 GMT +01:00

And a Happy New Year to you. I'll visit you in hospital.

3817. micromoth18 December 2011, 17:41 GMT +01:00

Thank you, but I'm not a doctor of medicine. I'll be at home savouring my winning LOTP.

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