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Last One To Post on RGBstock Wins

1. xymonau12 January 2010, 22:53 GMT +00:00

Well, it had to be done, didn't it? And since this is both the first and last post, I have won. Thank you all.

4346. gesinek10 April 2012, 11:12 GMT +02:00

Good morning - this is your wake up call :))

4347. xymonau10 April 2012, 11:23 GMT +02:00

Thank you. We winners need help in waking. Leave the moff to sleep, though. He has no exciting reason to get out of bed.

4348. Gramps10 April 2012, 13:24 GMT +02:00

Dez m'dear, your beuty is beyond compare. Compared to what, I'm not saying coz them pointy sticks look a bit on the sharp side. I've been a bit busy of late (still am) so I don't get to come and claim MY prize that often. How is your part of the colony these days? I've heard that you might be getting a real electricity supply soon, you'll be able to stop using that bicycle/dynamo thingy every time you use the computer :0)

4349. micromoth10 April 2012, 13:49 GMT +02:00

Ho-hum, that was a good nap.
Phil, that dynamo thingy of Dez's is quite an indicator. Whenever she's pedalling away on it and salivating at the thought of new pointy sticks, half of Brisbane lights up! So be warned. As for me, I'll just stay put on the winner's throne (and yes, it is the correct one).

4350. xymonau10 April 2012, 14:51 GMT +02:00

I've heard that Pomgolians recently discovered what soap is for. That was a breakthrough, wasn't it? And not before time, I might add.

The winner of the hopscotch competition is a proud title, to be sure, Moff. Very correct, that throne. Very correct, if a little trivial.

4351. micromoth10 April 2012, 23:27 GMT +02:00

Gee, I didn't know you were a fan of Trivial Pursuit. But no throne for that, I'm afraid.

I can show you another use for soap. It really won't hurt. Much.


4352. xymonau11 April 2012, 9:28 GMT +02:00

That was a very below stairs remark.

4353. micromoth11 April 2012, 13:56 GMT +02:00

No, no. I live in a bungalow.

4354. xymonau11 April 2012, 14:52 GMT +02:00

Oh, then you must mean you'll show me how to hide money under it.

4355. gesinek11 April 2012, 15:01 GMT +02:00

Which money? The prize is safe here in Hamburg

4356. xymonau11 April 2012, 15:25 GMT +02:00

Well, what's it doing there, for goodness sake?! Send it back, please. I can't have you borrowing my prize money all the time. You might be tempted to spend it!

4357. Gramps11 April 2012, 23:16 GMT +02:00

You've been holding onto that money for too long Dez ! last time I looked there were 2 sixpences a thrupenny bit and a ten bob note amoungst it. The whole lot only came to £5. 12s 3d plus 2 nickles, 3 dimes and one of those funny French things. I think it's about time we raised the anti a bit and added a bacon sandwich at least. Two fried eggs, beans, black pudding, sausage and some fried bread would be even better, I've known people who would give up their Olympic tickets to the tiddly winks final for a plate of that.

4358. xymonau12 April 2012, 0:24 GMT +02:00

*sigh* I wish you wouldn't post when you're hungry, Grandfather.

And you keep out of my wallet! I was hiding that thrupenny bit for a rainy day.

4359. micromoth12 April 2012, 7:09 GMT +02:00

Gee, I'd love to know what Dez does on a rainy day. Especially with thrupenny bits.
On second thoughts, maybe it's best not to ask....

4360. xymonau12 April 2012, 11:39 GMT +02:00

I blackmail the makers.

4361. gesinek12 April 2012, 12:22 GMT +02:00

I take the meal without blackpudding please and the Olympic tickets. For which sport are they?

4362. micromoth12 April 2012, 13:06 GMT +02:00

For the sport of thrupenny bit chucking of course!

4363. xymonau12 April 2012, 13:30 GMT +02:00

In this country it's known as "Two-up" and played with old fashined pennies. When I was a child we used to have halfpennies.

4364. micromoth12 April 2012, 17:59 GMT +02:00

I believe the seventh version of this was also a popular drink.

4365. gesinek13 April 2012, 1:14 GMT +02:00

We call it 'dittschen' but I don't know if if it is called so all over the country. And it is not olympic...yet!

And what shall I order .. as drink...?

4366. micromoth13 April 2012, 6:57 GMT +02:00

"Dittschen"...? Is that German for ditchwater? If so, then I have to admit for that particular drink it's quite an appropriate name.

As for me, I'll have some cider please, a very acceptable drink for Germans and Brits alike.

4367. Gramps13 April 2012, 9:21 GMT +02:00

That's Zyder m'dear, and if it don't 'av bits floatin innit it's not the real stuff.

4368. gesinek13 April 2012, 13:49 GMT +02:00

Cider is good. Skoal!

4369. micromoth13 April 2012, 14:21 GMT +02:00

Phil is referring to scrumpy. It's powerful stuff. Still, I can't remember a time when I've had too much. Hic.

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