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My favourite rgbstock picture at the moment...

1. fishmonk8 April 2010, 1:01 GMT +02:00

Got to be:


2. weirdvis8 April 2010, 9:43 GMT +02:00

I kinda like this one.


3. Zela8 April 2010, 9:49 GMT +02:00

My pick of the day ;-) http://www.rgbstock.com/image/mmUP4Kg

Lovely colors and 'springie'.

4. Gramps8 April 2010, 13:48 GMT +02:00

@2 ta m'dear. I still use the tin bath, lovely in front of the fire in't winter :0)

I keep going back to http://www.rgbstock.com/image/mg7ylZE .
It just draws you in.

5. Abyla8 April 2010, 19:26 GMT +02:00

@1 Thanks, Dan.

At this moment my favourite is


6. happyture8 April 2010, 22:17 GMT +02:00

My pick of the day is...

7. jazza8 April 2010, 22:18 GMT +02:00

The Abyla photo has great colors. Like it very much. We don't need many megapixels!
I like this one: http://www.rgbstock.com/image/dKUf6x

8. decar669 April 2010, 17:32 GMT +02:00

My fav now...

Bright colours, high detail and imaginative composition

9. crisderaud9 April 2010, 18:01 GMT +02:00

"Bench" by jon3782001


View full size to get the effect.

10. greekgod9 April 2010, 22:11 GMT +02:00

lots of good stuff here... but there's a lot of good stuff imported from sxc as well... matchstick's limelight is still one of my favorites...

11. xymonau11 April 2010, 1:04 GMT +02:00

I like a lot. I would hate to choose, because there are too many.

12. happyture11 April 2010, 8:47 GMT +02:00

HEY, dezzie, that gives me an idea,,,,, lets pick a image we choose to hate....

13. xymonau11 April 2010, 10:49 GMT +02:00

I really hate your avatar. I can't see what it is.

14. fishmonk11 April 2010, 12:46 GMT +02:00


15. Zela11 April 2010, 12:46 GMT +02:00

@12,@13 Same here. I cant figure that avatar out neither.

My first impression was: a crunched nut....... Wow there is so much symbolism in that tiny picture ;-) Come to think of it, this could resemble our community very well:
Why are we sharing our files for free? Because we are a bunch of crunched nuts!

I like that idea ;-)

16. fishmonk11 April 2010, 12:51 GMT +02:00

I thought it was a turtle being tickled. Mike, can you enlighten us?

17. crisderaud11 April 2010, 15:16 GMT +02:00

I looked at Mike's avatar under the magnifying glass and it's neither nut nor turtle.

It's a man sitting on the potty with his trousers down! That's the bathroom tissue at the bottom right.

Having a bit of fun with us eh Mike?? :)

18. fishmonk11 April 2010, 16:18 GMT +02:00

haha - nice one, Mike - apologies for missing it in the first place!

19. crisderaud11 April 2010, 16:55 GMT +02:00

Remided me of "Phi Zappa Crappa" from around 1970.


20. happyture11 April 2010, 22:59 GMT +02:00

There are times when we are all caught with our trousers down, this was mine!

21. xymonau12 April 2010, 4:07 GMT +02:00

Well, I just hope no turtles were tickled or nuts crushed in the making of your avatar.

22. xymonau12 April 2010, 4:08 GMT +02:00

And, Dan - how in the name of humanity does one tickle a turtle??!!

23. crisderaud12 April 2010, 4:48 GMT +02:00

Dez, my question exactly! But the funny thing is, that's what I see now when I look at Mike's avatar. :)

24. Gramps12 April 2010, 9:59 GMT +02:00

@22. You use a feather, just watch which end you poke it in though.

25. happyture12 April 2010, 14:07 GMT +02:00

SPOILT,,,thats what it is, spoilt, tickling turtle indeed, i know my boxers are roomy, but,,, TURTLE SIZED!!!

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