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4 Letter Words

1. krayker16 July 2010, 13:45 GMT +02:00

You can only change ONE letter, AND/OR rearrange the letters currently available. The first word is:


11858. xymonau3 February 2016, 12:07 GMT +01:00

Oh, I'm just your classic backslider. They do exist. I don't hold with once, saved, always saved. You have to maintain a relationship with God, not rely on a few words you meant many years ago.



to get people confused when I say things like that, but I don't believe in giving God a bad name.

Are you going to give us a hint re your lyrics?

11859. micromoth3 February 2016, 17:59 GMT +01:00

Interesting. I hope you won't think it necessary to


this impertinent, but aren't relationships by their very nature about the feelings and attitudes of *two* (or more) individuals? If so, then although one of the individuals may have given up on the other, vice versa doesn't automatically follow. I seem to recall a story about a prodigal son...

One lyric I wrote was about the thoughts and feelings of someone during the days of the old 18th-19th century sailing schooners. A journey might have involved being away for a very long time and completely out of touch with one's home, family and friends, whilst crossing dangerous and poorly known regions.It must have taken a lot of courage to sign up for such a trip and would have been a very lonely time. Difficult too for the spouse left behind, wondering if they would ever see their loved one again.

11860. xymonau3 February 2016, 18:36 GMT +01:00

Yes, but I'm talking about me, not God. I have no


to question his attitude.

When you write lyrics, do you mean them as lyrics, or are they poems that lend themselves to music? Also, do you ever write the music?

11861. micromoth3 February 2016, 20:01 GMT +01:00

Yes, I realize that God's attitude is constant; it is we who slip and


My point is only that he still cares and would rather that the relationship resumed as fully as he intended - cf. aforesaid prodigal son.

I write poems as poems, and poems where I also get an idea for a tune. My problem is that learning to read and write music is still something I haven't yet found time for! I also like tweaking poems written by others, such as:

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Floating high o'er vales and hills,
Until I came back down to earth.
They're funny things, these little pills.


11862. Ayla874 February 2016, 6:27 GMT +01:00

I was amazed recently to read about a conductor who has the habit to read music (the notes) before he ever hears it. He is obviously able to "imagine" the whole piece of music in his head already from the notes alone. What an interesting language this must be with such a different output across all the styles of music. I can't read notes anymore, it is far too long ago that I was learning about them at school. I


to forget whatever I don't frequently use...

11863. xymonau4 February 2016, 13:10 GMT +01:00

We'll never make a


in human capacity. Beethoven wrote spectacular music while being deaf. I used to be able to get the basic tune of something via reading the music - although I'm just self-taught, and have forgotten most of what I knew, like you, Michael, through lack of use.

Love your poem, Kevin! Took your point re the prodigal and I appreciate it.

I lost my job today. It was expected, after almost 18 months on sick leave. But the prognosis of the medical expert upset me a lot, and I am still going to pursue what legal issues I can. Just very sad tonight, and may feel better after a decent sleep.

11864. Ayla874 February 2016, 13:49 GMT +01:00

Oh, Dez, that's sad news, and they hurried even more than expected (your prediction was to get sacked by friday). But you never know what the outcome of this change in life will be. Perhaps it is a chance to change things to the positive side. The atmosphere at your workplace obviously wasn't too good anymore lately. Set your thoughts on a


and don't worry too much. They at least don't deserve that. They will see that things get even worse when they lose you permanently.

I found it interesting that my favourite German migraine expert was able to tell that Richard Wagner had migraine, too, which can be found out when you analyse his music:


11865. micromoth5 February 2016, 6:13 GMT +01:00


the human brain, I read recently that scientists have discovered it is so profound it is almost beyond belief. One human has more switches than the entire internet! (See http://goo.gl/Wnp1Wu).

So sorry to hear you've lost your job Dez. I went through a "restructuring" some years ago and was disgusted by the behaviour of senior management then. I've seen nothing to suggest it has improved since.

11866. Ayla875 February 2016, 11:14 GMT +01:00

Money talks, and if you don't earn enough of it it still seems common practise to play with the personnel as if they were chess pieces. The result may be a great


I recently read about automatic farming which needs no people anymore because farming machines do their work on GPS-base on their own already.

I often heard that the future lies in automation, so that nearly nobody would have to work anymore. Of course you don't have a chance to earn a wage then...

11867. xymonau5 February 2016, 15:04 GMT +01:00

That article about Wagner was interesting. His wearing of a hat - perhaps that put pressure on some of the blood vessels to restrict the pain? Maybe he just thought it helped. He was so creative, in spite of it all.

Re the brain - and that is only one organ of the body. I can't believe this amazing machine, with all its inherent problems as well, is accidental. The internet is obviously not accidental, but because we're made of meat we are?

I think the only reason the poor and powerless are allowed to live is so the rich and powerful can use them. Nobody could be so naïve as to think the world got this way accidentally. Wars are created. Apart from a few skirmishes, most people are happy to leave well enough alone if they have food, shelter and health. The really obvious disasters can be predicted by very dumb people, so why would smart people go ahead with stupid plans? And most of the advances in technology benefited the wealthy because they no longer had to pay wages. I think we need to get back to a bit of self sufficiency in our own back yards. Farm in pots if you have no yard. We have lost the art of growing our own food. It truly is as good as printing money - and it's legal!

I am unable to work for health reasons, Kevin, and in Queensland they have the right to dismiss you after 12 months of sick leave. And the medical expert said I may never be fit for work again. I think that might be the most upsetting bit, to be honest. Anyway, not to worry. I'm sheltered and well fed. That's better than the majority of people on the planet.

I'm free as a



11868. micromoth6 February 2016, 8:23 GMT +01:00

Well, being free as a dove gets my


too. Retirement - I feel I'm made for it! Glad you're finding some positives in your situation, and my sympathies with the negatives.I suspect your freedom will result in many more fine images on RGB Stock; I shall look forward to seeing them.

11869. xymonau6 February 2016, 17:24 GMT +01:00

Don't hold your breath! LOL I have literally thousands of images that could/should be posted, but it all seems so hard most times. Sometimes I look back through old folders and see dozens of pics that I never posted before I opened the next folder. Then I tend not to go back. I will eventually. Then it would be my luck for someone to


them! LOL

11870. micromoth6 February 2016, 21:24 GMT +01:00

Ah yes, the allure of the next folder! We do tend to


11871. xymonau6 February 2016, 21:27 GMT +01:00



towards having way too many items in the one folder. My hard drive is going to fill up one day. I occasionally go through and delete lots of pics, but I need to do that more often.

11872. gesinek7 February 2016, 14:25 GMT +01:00

Hope you have a secure copy of all the pics. My husband is working as IT specialist. You won't believe what could happen to data when they are not secured. Even by Murphy's law or unexpected technical issues.


11873. micromoth8 February 2016, 4:08 GMT +01:00

I have


horror stories about computer failure. Consequently I don't keep my images on my computer. I have a standalone hard drive and a backup standalone hard drive. This also makes undertaking antivirus scans of my computer much quicker.

11874. Ayla878 February 2016, 6:36 GMT +01:00

To make copies of your pics for loss protection is an important


I consider places like RGB as my photo backup place because all of the best photos can be found there.

All the photos I have ever published online are in one folder of my harddisk. This is quite large, but it helps me to think of unique file names for the photos.

11875. weirdvis8 February 2016, 10:51 GMT +01:00

Let's add some culture to the mix


Evil laff (remember that?)

11876. xymonau8 February 2016, 12:53 GMT +01:00

Did someone leave the door open? Look who wandered in! Culture? Isn't that what grows in petri dishes?

I know I need to back up my photos. I have them on an external disk as well. I am planning to purchase another and copy them all to that.

I have 6,000_ on here, and even though years ago I kept the uploaded photos in one folder, that's just beyond me. Although the titles thing is a really good reason for the one folder. I guess even an alphabetical file with just the titles would be helpful.

Lynne wants culture so I shall put on my


and graces. I don't think the evil laff reflects a cultured manner, however. That finishing school might need to give you a bit of a refund, young lady.

11877. Ayla878 February 2016, 13:22 GMT +01:00

Who could forget that evil laff? I shortly walked by a car with a sign that began with L-AF... and even that made me think about Lynne's LAFF culture.

6.000 and more images in one folder are a


argument for splitting up. My folder currently contains 3.700+ fotos and even there the searches are getting a little bit slower. An additional alphabetical listt of the titles has one disatvantage - it wouldn't be created automatically, so I might forget to keep it updated...

I can't think of more culture, I have no petri dishes at hand. But I would warn everyone to look too closely into the dust on my desk here, because nobody cares to clean that. One day it will begin to live. Artificial dust intelligence. I'm not quite sure how cultured those dust creatures will behave then.

11878. xymonau8 February 2016, 14:08 GMT +01:00

When they start "laffing" at you evilly, then it might be time to clean. I have no idea how you manage that many images in one folder - but I do understand why and that it would work re the titles.

You are being overwhelmed by females now, Michael. At least there should be a


of males for moral support.

11879. Ayla878 February 2016, 14:15 GMT +01:00

I am hard of hearing, so I can always pretend to overhear dust laffing at me. That's easier than to clean it myself.

I also have no problems with having so many friendly females around me.

I even went to the barber last week to get my



I can't think of any more lines beginning with "I", so I will go home now. Christa is waiting for me with our lunch.

11880. weirdvis8 February 2016, 20:06 GMT +01:00

Well I'm back and no longer lurikng in my...


Cheesy grin.

11881. xymonau9 February 2016, 10:30 GMT +01:00

And we are happy about it! I don't mean to


on your parade, but when you're eating molten cheese, that's not the best time to grin. Just sayin'.

Michael, you're not only hard of hearing, you have "I" problems. :0)

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