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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

458. happyture15 May 2011, 14:43 GMT +02:00

Well Jimbo, i,ll it anything as long as it dont move when i try to stick a fork in it mate,, :O)

459. Groningen16 May 2011, 18:40 GMT +02:00

plates don't move, do you eat those?

460. happyture16 May 2011, 20:24 GMT +02:00

Oh i say, your in a picky mood today!

461. Groningen16 May 2011, 22:31 GMT +02:00

I have to; now that Dezzie is gone AWOL

462. happyture16 May 2011, 22:41 GMT +02:00

No,,No, dezzie is nice, its just her soup thats a bit , you know? dodgy!! Anyway, its nice to be nice :O)

463. Groningen17 May 2011, 0:05 GMT +02:00

it's smart to be smart
it's bad to be bad
it's rich to be rich
it's healthy to be healthy

464. happyture17 May 2011, 9:45 GMT +02:00

And its insane to be MAD?

465. Groningen17 May 2011, 19:53 GMT +02:00

if you say so..

466. happyture18 May 2011, 8:48 GMT +02:00

Dont you know??

467. Groningen18 May 2011, 18:23 GMT +02:00


468. happyture18 May 2011, 21:15 GMT +02:00

Are you sure?

469. xymonau19 May 2011, 11:58 GMT +02:00

@457 - Jimbo, just because the Pomgolians eat all their traditions, it doesn't mean we do. The wee piggies were a gift FOR xmas. They wouldn't lie still while they were being wrapped.

Mikey discussing madness is like Houdini discussing his escape tricks. They both know their subject very well.

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

470. happyture19 May 2011, 13:17 GMT +02:00

Dont know where youv'e been,, but your tea's cold!!

471. xymonau19 May 2011, 13:40 GMT +02:00

Awwww! An' you keepded it warm for me! How sweet! Can you take it outa the blanket now, please? An' pick the hairs outa it ony I chokes on 'em? Ahh! An' yer Mam chewed it all up for me, too! What good friends you is! I been ejumacatin' meselluf. Do I look smarter? I feels smarter.

472. happyture19 May 2011, 16:30 GMT +02:00

Yes you look marballous,, ya tea's still warm, the cats been sleeping on it since last Friday!!

473. Groningen20 May 2011, 1:07 GMT +02:00

that explains the hairs

herbal or you're run-of-the-mill-cuppa??

474. happyture20 May 2011, 8:20 GMT +02:00

Well now you ask,, I have done dezzie a three course meal starting with Nettle soup in a basket, followed by, Stuffed Turnip with fish bladder filling on a bed of dandelion leaves, and for dessert Crème de la Crème, Toffe apple ou'n a stick, mmm, mmmm, mmmm,,,....... licka ma vingers gooood!!

475. Groningen20 May 2011, 23:27 GMT +02:00

you are the perfect host
that must have put Dezzie in a splendid mood

476. xymonau21 May 2011, 11:46 GMT +02:00

Oh, no, I couldn't haxept a fine meal like that, Mikey. I is not worthy! Christine tells me she is quite partial to a fish bladder turnip thingummy. I don't have the heart to deprive her. But I'll have that there toffee apple, if it okay. Why do people ruin perfekly good toffee wif happles?

I will pass on the nettle soup. It's supposed to be cooked.

477. happyture21 May 2011, 22:13 GMT +02:00

I hallways get bored eating toffee happles, by the time i have hoovered the toffee off me tung is numb...

478. Groningen21 May 2011, 22:45 GMT +02:00

the dandelion leaves were a great treat for my gerbils
[Oscar&Alfred in squeaky voices] "Thank you, happyture"

479. xymonau22 May 2011, 4:17 GMT +02:00

Oh, no! Christine is hearin' voices! Your rat hasn't left home, by any chance? He will set up home wherever he finds a vacancy.

480. happyture22 May 2011, 7:28 GMT +02:00

Well now you mention it, it has been silent for a day or two??

481. xymonau22 May 2011, 10:36 GMT +02:00

Mikey! You is free at last! Run frew the hills, wif the breeze rakin' your hairs - er - rakishly.

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