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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

650. happyture24 June 2011, 10:13 GMT +02:00

Strange thing with myself and a cold is, that i always feel the worst just before i feel better, So maybe your virus has peaked and you'll feel as right as rain in a little while :O)

651. xymonau25 June 2011, 10:25 GMT +02:00

I think it's a flu. Still miserable. Sleep really helps. I will be at work on Monday, but I hope I feel a bit better than I do now. Never mind. It will be fine in a few days.

So, are you having a few extra whiskies to keep from catching it?

652. happyture25 June 2011, 10:49 GMT +02:00

Now you mention it yes! did have one or two, feel ok now, these Electronic viruses are terrible, I started sniffing yesterday, half bottle of whiskey and i,m fine again. :O)

653. xymonau25 June 2011, 12:28 GMT +02:00

I been coffing into the screen. Sorry.

654. happyture26 June 2011, 0:57 GMT +02:00

Nasty that is, i know you like sharing Dezzie but honestly you could have kept that to yourself,,mines gone now, 3 days and as good as new,,Howzzzat!

655. xymonau26 June 2011, 4:57 GMT +02:00

Rub it in, you nasty man. I tried to share all that I had, and this is the thanks I get.

656. happyture26 June 2011, 13:23 GMT +02:00

Yeah, better, no sore lips/nose/throat nuffink, but my ear is still playing me up, deaf as a post in it! never mind its one way of getting a little bit of peace around here :O)

657. xymonau26 June 2011, 13:33 GMT +02:00

Is it aching? That would really annoy me.

658. happyture26 June 2011, 13:37 GMT +02:00

No, just one hell of a noise going on in it, sounds like a out of tuned Tv, loud hiss!

659. xymonau26 June 2011, 14:05 GMT +02:00

Did the doc say it would clear over time? Before they popped my eardrum, they told me it would take about 6 or 7 weeks to finally drain.

660. happyture26 June 2011, 15:33 GMT +02:00

didn't say much at all, just do this n that and it'll clear up!!

661. xymonau26 June 2011, 16:01 GMT +02:00

And are you doing this n that?

662. happyture26 June 2011, 17:25 GMT +02:00

Well Dezzie more that really? just wont clear up...

663. xymonau27 June 2011, 10:18 GMT +02:00

Give it time, then. The body is amazingly self-healing sometimes. Drink lots of water and take vitamin C and zinc. They all halp your body heal and fight infection. From what I read, it can take up to 3 months for this to clear naturally. I hope it happens sooner for you.

664. happyture27 June 2011, 10:23 GMT +02:00


665. xymonau27 June 2011, 10:29 GMT +02:00


Oh, never mind...

666. happyture27 June 2011, 18:39 GMT +02:00

Doc seems to think that having a hollow head is making thing worsererer for me!

667. xymonau28 June 2011, 0:07 GMT +02:00

You're going to have to rent that space out again. Maybe you could contact that rat.

668. happyture28 June 2011, 6:35 GMT +02:00

He left in a rush with no forwarding Address? Im gonna fill it wiv Knowledge, thats wot am gonna do....

669. xymonau28 June 2011, 10:01 GMT +02:00

That will make a nice change.

670. happyture28 June 2011, 13:21 GMT +02:00

And just wot are you hinsinurating madam,, my head is full, full to the rafters with hymnfermation, yes, you''l be sorry you made that remark when i is clevererer than what you is!!

671. xymonau28 June 2011, 13:51 GMT +02:00

then one by one, the stars will all go out, and you and I will simply fly away...

672. happyture29 June 2011, 8:47 GMT +02:00

You stole them there words from Dolly Parton's song IF,,,I knows you no, for a second there i was thinking Oh,Oh, our Dezzie's a poet, then it sunked in..

673. xymonau29 June 2011, 9:54 GMT +02:00

Bread, actually.


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