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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

890. micromoth8 August 2011, 13:15 GMT +02:00

A "snowdropper"....? You mean I is pure and innocent and nascent white? I can agree to that!

891. xymonau8 August 2011, 13:22 GMT +02:00

And so are the undies you steal, hey?

892. happyture8 August 2011, 20:32 GMT +02:00

OOO000000oooooowwww a knicker picker :O)

893. micromoth8 August 2011, 22:08 GMT +02:00

OOOOOOooooooooooh! No I'm not! I is honest as the day is long. Guv.

894. happyture8 August 2011, 22:46 GMT +02:00

Well Dezzie sez so, but here in England yoo is innocent untill you iz prooven guilty, or so my barrister said.

895. xymonau9 August 2011, 12:24 GMT +02:00

Your barista? What would he know? Drink your coffee and stop playing bush lawyer. Macromouth must live where the nights last forever!

896. micromoth9 August 2011, 13:06 GMT +02:00

Us moths are very happy with nights. You wouldn't be a noctiphobist would you? But some of us can do days as well. We like to sing, ESPECIALLY loudly very early in the morning. Trala! I feel a visit to Oz coming on...

897. happyture9 August 2011, 13:10 GMT +02:00

Well Dezzmerellda it is a likkle hobby ov mine, took the corse on the tinternet and got me deploomer and everyfink so their Mrs, Whats that Orrible howling noise??

898. xymonau10 August 2011, 12:14 GMT +02:00

Macromouth is going to Denmark. That's him singin'. 'Orrible is right! I hope he was joking about Oz. I once had a septic serenade me in New York. I was so embarassed, I didn't know where to look. It's just not normal!

899. happyture10 August 2011, 20:23 GMT +02:00

No, i can honestly put mi hand on mi art and say i never serenaded henny body henny time, i bought flowers once upon a tyme and she asked wot i had done rong, if i add sang two er she wood have probably phoned the old bill..

900. xymonau11 August 2011, 10:23 GMT +02:00

Oh, flowers, I love. Even if they are the price of sin! I once had a suitor who would pick me up on a Friday night, and always bring chocolates and flowers. Mum and Dad couldn't wait for him to go, so they could scoff the chocolates! I didn't like chocolate much. They were sad to see that one go.

901. happyture11 August 2011, 10:35 GMT +02:00

See now if that was me, i would have bought, flowers and a chicken and garlic pie, :O) with flaky pastries of course..

902. xymonau11 August 2011, 11:15 GMT +02:00

OO-o-o-o-H! You knows how to seet talk a girl, doncha?

You really want one of those things, donchoo? I can mail you one.

903. happyture11 August 2011, 15:59 GMT +02:00

Ha, yeah sweettalk's my middle name, Chuck n garlic pie,,,why yes, is there any left ?

904. xymonau13 August 2011, 10:23 GMT +02:00

Nope. *burp* Oh, pardon me. That musta been the flowers...

Well, it's dark, I haven't put the lights on yet, my birds are asleep with their cages at the front sliding windows, and I'm replete on crackers and soy dip (tasted a bit like axle grease, no matter what I added to the base), and the leftover handfuls of chips (crisps) that I pigged out on to get rid of the taste. I need my veggies, so I might have to eat more, but I don't really want to.

I ate a mangosteen last week. I don't think I've ever had one before. They are the most delicious thing! I don't know if you have ever tasted custard apple or soursop, but they are sort of like a cross between those and maybe grape or lychee. An amazing flavour. I got something the size of a marble out of this really thick skin, and the one cost me nearly $2, so I can't afford more, but if you're rich, they are really, really delicious!

905. xymonau13 August 2011, 10:30 GMT +02:00

Oh, by the way, I found a way to replace yer mam's teefs.


906. xymonau13 August 2011, 10:34 GMT +02:00

Oh, and here's one to replace her tongue if you need to:

And the blurb about it:

Reminded me of the rat.

907. happyture13 August 2011, 11:04 GMT +02:00

Amazing,,,totally speechless and thats rare indeed for me... what a wonderful world we live in, such a shame many humans dont appreciate what we have.. nature always amazes me.

Oh, and Ma said she was just getting to like you a bit too until the fish teef :O( she's juss not appy now,,,what ma,,,,tell HER,,your face looks nothing like a fish OK ma!!!

908. xymonau13 August 2011, 11:25 GMT +02:00

No, but her teefs do. An' it would give you another set to borrer.

909. happyture13 August 2011, 15:24 GMT +02:00

Dont you think the fish will mind :O)

910. xymonau14 August 2011, 1:01 GMT +02:00

No. By the time you gets 'em, they is dead. I don't think they will kick up a fuss.

911. happyture14 August 2011, 20:22 GMT +02:00

Mmmm nice, I think i will pass on that though, i brush my teeth 3 times a day and suck mints in between fresh breath is everything dont you think...

912. xymonau17 August 2011, 11:01 GMT +02:00

No. Your feets is a disgrace.

913. happyture17 August 2011, 11:13 GMT +02:00

Dont you dare say that,,,i wash me feets once a week down the bilabong whilst i is washin me cloths, an whilst i,m at it i chews me toenails off the same tyme. Disgrace indeed..

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