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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1418. xymonau24 November 2011, 10:10 GMT +01:00

Food allergies are fascinating things. I know people who can't eat wheat, some are allergic to potato starch or mushrooms, others, beans. Not to mention nut allergies, milk, broccoli and cauliflower. It seems individuals can be allergic to the whole food range. I'm glad mine is limited to milk - well, eggs also make me cough, but not as badly. And my hands get cracked and itchy from peeling vegetables or fruit. Potatoes are among the worst - so bad I have to peel them under running water if I don't want to suffer for days.

1419. happyture24 November 2011, 10:21 GMT +01:00

I cant eat chicken, nope it makes me feel real poorly like wot i does today.. yuck. cuz i eated chuck last night...Errrrrrrr!!!

1420. xymonau24 November 2011, 10:26 GMT +01:00

Were you writing "chook"? 'Cause it read like "chuck", which means to vomit. I hope you didn't eated vomit. Say it isn't so, Mikey!

1421. happyture24 November 2011, 11:55 GMT +01:00

It isn't so, i ment to say Chook... honest..

1422. xymonau24 November 2011, 12:04 GMT +01:00

I used to love chook as a kid. But we only had my Dad's homegrown ones. He'd chop off their heads, Mum would stick them in boiling water (after the aforementioned chopping) and pluck their feathers, then pull their guts out. I could never bear the smell, to be honest. But I did like the taste. In those days, in this country, you couldn't buy chicken in the shops. Sometimes you might see a few at the butcher's. Nothing like the wholesale carnage we take for granted these days. In fact, chook was so rare that it was featured at xmas dinner.

As I got older, the taste of chicken really went off. I don't know what they feed them, but they simply don't taste the same.

Anyway, I will be having something really gross and vegan on the day. Although I will love it. And I'll be alone - but not for long. My son, partner and the girls will be coming up for a few days to a week. It will be completely exhausting, but it will be just wonderful to have them all here. We'll take the girls to the beach, and I'll generally get out and about a lot more than I usually do. The kids have seven weeks off school starting just before xmas.

1423. happyture24 November 2011, 18:05 GMT +01:00

Yeah chook is off my list of edible meats, just going to stick to fish i think, i feel quite crappy today so no more of that for me, I know your going to love the company of your family exhausting as it might be i know you'll have some great memories,,,HEY, i hope you keep me updated, you know where you went, what you did, cuz im nosey that way aint i ... :O)

1424. xymonau26 November 2011, 9:55 GMT +01:00

I hope you're feeling better by now.

Is it getting cold there? It's getting very hot here. Most days are 30 or 31C. We have no air conditioning at work, and the heat is making me feel quite ill at times. I have a portable air conditioner at home, so that makes it harder to go to work and sweat all day.

1425. happyture26 November 2011, 11:47 GMT +01:00

I,m feeling betterer now thanks Dezzie thank you for asking, Well, now you mention it, its actually one of the warmest Novembers on record here at the moment, 10/11 c, mind you i have been doing the tribal sun dance every evening on my back lawn, seems to work, everyone saying Ahh global warming this and that, i think we are still coming out of the ice age and the planet as a whole will get considerably warmer over a period of time. As i have said before i love the warm so i dont mind one bit,, We are however not needing air con here yet, thats on my Christmas list but i,m unlikely to get the sort of heat you mention..sadly

1426. xymonau26 November 2011, 12:12 GMT +01:00

Kerzackly how does the dance go? An' does it necessitate any lack of clothing? You know what the judge said last time.

1427. happyture26 November 2011, 13:42 GMT +01:00

Well,,,firstlillie you paints them there Ozzy sun swirl thingy's all over your body in a nice bright yellow paint, its optional whether or not you paints your thong yellow but i finds it blends better, Then, and here comes the cool bit, I gets me cd player in the garden going full bore playing ....


1428. xymonau26 November 2011, 14:21 GMT +01:00

Oh, your poor neighbours! You know they are afraid to look out theys winders because yer Ma won't close her blinds. I think you frighten them, Mikey. You certainly make me feel uneasy.

1429. happyture26 November 2011, 18:08 GMT +01:00

Oh dezzie you is as safe as houses, i cant reach you from ere,,,even if i ssssssstretchhhhh... ...

1430. xymonau26 November 2011, 23:26 GMT +01:00

Heard of air flight? You could be here in a day. Oops. What was I thinking? Of course you coodent. It would take weeks - munfs, even. Why, it's not worth the effort, izzit? Please, PLEASE don't come here an' dance nekkid in front of my neighbours!!

1431. happyture27 November 2011, 0:27 GMT +01:00

YEAH,,I could pop over have a cuppa n biscuit, feed the ducks, and be home for tea, that would be lovely wouldn't it, I'll wash me thong :O)

1432. xymonau27 November 2011, 0:45 GMT +01:00

Wot has I done? Now you'll be regulated in two countries! Wot am I gunna tell yer Ma when they locks you up 'ere?

1433. happyture27 November 2011, 10:01 GMT +01:00

I has came up with a cunning plan, so cunning that it will indeed fool the Oztralian Airport,,,,,,,Are you sitting,,,,,Right, Here's my cunning plan, I have purchased a full body suit of a Oztralian Kangaroo, Now, what i am planning on doing is just before the hairplane touches down on Ozralian Soil, i is gonna get into the body suit in the toilets wait untill everyone has un boarded and hop out the plane,,Officials will just sat Strooth Bruce we got a Roo on the runway, and will chase me off with a broom none the wiser,,,,You can close your mouth now Dezzie,,Its a fantastic idea init!!!

1434. xymonau27 November 2011, 10:21 GMT +01:00

Well that's wot I call a idear! You do unnerstan they duzzent use brooms, tho, doncha? They use guns. Big ones. 'Ow fast can you 'op? An I should warn you, Mikey - the hairport is inna heart of Sydney (ony one we got, I'm afraid). There is mean folks wif sharp fings 'n rocks, clubs, boomeroomerangs 'n stuff. They has safety pins froo their pants. (They's too smart to stick 'em in their noses. That flamin' hurts!) They's called the Feds. They doesn't like illegal immigrants. They will send you to Christmas Island. But here's the worserest thing, Mikey - on Christmas Island, THERE'S NO CHRISTMAS!!! Serously! An' there's giant crabs wot eat kangaroos! You better get outa that outfit before you gets there. If the blood hasn't stuck it to yer skin after the shootin' an' stabbin' an rocks 'n stuff.

1435. happyture27 November 2011, 11:05 GMT +01:00

So you iz saying in not so many wurds that my cunning plan wasn't that cunning,,,say it,,,go on after hours of careful thought,,,Say it,,,Sniff!!!!

1436. xymonau27 November 2011, 11:51 GMT +01:00

Oh, no! I woodent say that, Mikey. It was a real plan, honest. But we has all them kangaroosters hoppin' an jumpin' evviwhere, an' we likes to kill them, that's all. Perhaps if you got a wombat suit? We likes wombats.

1437. happyture27 November 2011, 15:59 GMT +01:00

How big are wombats then? I,m 5f 8in ,,,,maybe i could make a tall wombat :O)

1438. xymonau27 November 2011, 21:46 GMT +01:00

Hmmm...You'd have to go on all fours wif yer legs bended up to yer waist. No hoppin', either. And snuffle a lot. And bite. And dig holes. That's reel himportant, the holes. Or they'll see right frew you.

1439. happyture28 November 2011, 12:07 GMT +01:00

Ah right, i like diggin oles, yes, and i snuffle a bit, so i could become a wombat for a short while,,Oh,,Oh dezzie, just one quick thing, how do wombats dig holes in runways,,,does they use machinery ?

1440. xymonau28 November 2011, 12:49 GMT +01:00

Yes. They hires little back end loaders an' shovels. An' they wear little shirts with "terrorist" printed on 'em. Great sense of humour, wombats. An' while they digs, they points little slug guns at planes and they grimmace. You has to grimmace, Mikey.

1441. happyture28 November 2011, 18:37 GMT +01:00

Hey i has this underlying feeling that you could now be wondering from the truth a little,,,,How does they reach the pedals of a back end loader hummmmmm!!!

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