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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1394. xymonau16 November 2011, 9:22 GMT +01:00

They have it hard here as well. Bushfires, feral cats, droughts, floods. I always feed the wildlife. I have changed what I feed them, but that's why I always have little pet wild birds wandering through my house, leaving deposits on my floors...

1395. happyture16 November 2011, 9:47 GMT +01:00

Phew,, thought you was gonna say you'd put um on a veggie diet like wot you eats for a moment then,,,I feed mine anything really, wasted food, bread, toast, nuts seed, anything edible goes in,,they seem to like it any way..

1396. xymonau16 November 2011, 12:33 GMT +01:00

I don't feed the omnivores meat any more, as it causes club feet in their babies. They love nuts. But the climate is very different here. Also, we do have some flowering plants in winter, and the trees are all evergreens. Water is the most important here.

1397. happyture16 November 2011, 12:37 GMT +01:00

Who told you that,,Club foot indeed, spose your gonna tell me its scientifically proven,, Ohh dear dear dezzie you is so gullible Gurl,,,,

1398. xymonau16 November 2011, 13:30 GMT +01:00

It happens to our magpies. People are always feeding them mince.

1399. happyture16 November 2011, 13:41 GMT +01:00

Magpies are carnivorous i think, Do they eat raod kill like our magpies do, they also steal dog n cat food if left outside..

1400. xymonau16 November 2011, 14:07 GMT +01:00

No. They are ground foraging omnivores, but they do not like carrion. They eat a lot of seeds and insects mostly. Those fed by humans - and many of them are, as they are very easy to tame - can develop a liking for raw mince, but it's too much protein for them. They are not related to the British magpies and are not like them. They are quite large - about half the size of a crow or 15 to 17 inches in length.


and it's worth reading the posts on this page. We have a terrible time with magpies during nesting season. They fly at you like bullets. many people have lost an eye or been injured in other ways. The secret is to feed them. they never attack their "friends".

They come in white backed and black backed varieties. They are incredible mimics, and their calls are beautiful and warbling. The sweetest one is their most aggressive. They are incredibly intelligent - about as smart as a crow.

1401. happyture16 November 2011, 19:04 GMT +01:00

This was so informative, they look more like our ravens..

1402. xymonau17 November 2011, 11:40 GMT +01:00

Your magpies are very pretty. They remind me of our willy wagtails in shape.

1403. happyture17 November 2011, 18:56 GMT +01:00

Willy Wagtails? is that the real name for them,,,,honestly??

1404. xymonau18 November 2011, 7:52 GMT +01:00

Yep. Look them up on Google. They are tiny, like a wren, and they continually wag their tails from side to side. Game little birds, they will tackle a crow or a person when nesting. They show their white "eyebrow" when they mean business! LOL

1405. happyture18 November 2011, 10:24 GMT +01:00

Oh,, now thats spooky,,I know someone else who shows her eyebrow when She meen business ,,dont we Dezzie Hummmm!!!!

1406. xymonau19 November 2011, 9:57 GMT +01:00

But I duzzent wag anyfink.


1407. happyture19 November 2011, 16:19 GMT +01:00

Looks like a swift or a swallow or a house martin...lovely little bird..

1408. xymonau20 November 2011, 1:52 GMT +01:00

It's about half the size of a swallow.

And speaking of swallowing, if you see a video called "Forks Over Knives", you must watch it. Find it, steal it, buy it, but see it.

1409. happyture20 November 2011, 12:15 GMT +01:00

Oh no no,, I know its gonna say eat this ,,,DONT EAT THAT,,eat that,,DONT EAT THIS! and between me and you, its always the stuff i like eating that your not spose to eat...tiz like a horror movie init!!!

1410. xymonau20 November 2011, 12:54 GMT +01:00

It's quite positive because it tells you about the wonderful things that happen if you eat in a certain way. I spent the afternoon reading a site that supposedly "debunked" a lot of the movie's contents. It didn't, and still couldn't account for the successes in amazing cures of serious health issues. Anyway, I am convinced it works. I have adopted most of the recommendations for the last months, and I'm gradully losing weight (eating like a horse), and have begun to feel so much better. That alone demonstrates the results in spite of the naysayers.

1411. happyture20 November 2011, 14:59 GMT +01:00

Seen it,, basically eat plant stuffs veggies, fruit and leave red meat out totally,, I like me meat,, dont eat masses of the stuff but just now and then,,i get driving urges to eat meat if i dont eat any for about a month i start wanting to bit horses n pigs cattle and stuff,,need meat,,must have meat.....

1412. xymonau20 November 2011, 23:19 GMT +01:00

It's all animal protein - eggs, milk, fish and chicken as well. Yes, meat is addictive, and if you don't eat a lot of different foods, then you probably need it because you won't get enough nutrition from a limited range of the same things all the time. But it still does the damage.

1413. happyture21 November 2011, 9:02 GMT +01:00

Well,,damage done give me a steak and leave the horns n tail on mmmmm!

1414. xymonau21 November 2011, 9:53 GMT +01:00

I shall have my righteous potatoes and feel superior to you. Who woulda thunk there was virtue in a tater?

1415. happyture21 November 2011, 10:07 GMT +01:00

No,,you shall have your potato and feel hungry after a hour,,,while i shall still be chewing n a horn,,,,nom nom...

1416. xymonau21 November 2011, 11:58 GMT +01:00

Potatoes sustain all day, actually. If I have veges in the morning, I can work hard all day and don't get hungry until around 2pm. Fruit, though, is digested so quickly, I'm getting peckish around 11.

My favourite breakfast recently has been corn on the cob. Super sweet corn. Yum! I try to follow it wih an apple or something. Very sustaining.

1417. happyture21 November 2011, 16:02 GMT +01:00

I cant eat sweetcorn, popcorn, has a nasty effect on me...

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