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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

1778. happyture4 March 2012, 8:32 GMT +01:00

Huh, do you think im stupid or sumthink, everybody knows its D'nile in Hegypt ...

1779. xymonau4 March 2012, 13:24 GMT +01:00

Then you, sunshine, is a Hegyptian. I often wondered about the white dress.

1780. happyture4 March 2012, 15:43 GMT +01:00

Ackk Ackk its a smock,, "spits like a camel "

1781. xymonau5 March 2012, 10:28 GMT +01:00

No expectorating. I learned that word when I was young. For some bizarre reason, all butcher shops used to have a sign saying, "No expectorating". Clearly, my forebears were a phlegmy lot, who saved up their worst for the butcher's. I never saw such a sign in hospitals, cafes, grocery stores, etc. Just butchers.

What a day I've had today! It was blowing a gale all night and this morning. The rain didn't know the meaning of "vertical" and was twisting around madly in all directions, mostly horizontal. I was phoned at 6:30am by a worker who couldn't get here because of a flooded road. I had to go in to work - I am on annual leave as of today to try and get my assignments done - and wait for a replacement to get there. However, the power was out at my place, so I couldn't even get my hair looking acceptable. *sigh*

There were trees and branches strewn all over the place. Got to work and the power was out there, too. No traffic lights on the way. Now, I have a cordless phone, which works only when the power is on, and a mobile that had no credit, and which was going flat. After I got home, the power came back on, and instead of charging my phone, I cooked and vaccuumed. I'm having a real estate inspection tomorrow, and I wanted to get the floors done. Spent most of the time cleaning bird cages. Then the air conditioner stopped suddenly. The stove was still on. I traipsed outside in the rain about eight times to try and get one switch to stay on in the power board. I unplugged every appliance, but nothing would fix it. I phoned the real estate people, who took their time, but finally sent an electrician. I was scared I"d run out of power on my phone all this time. And I had a doctor's appointment at 4pm.

The electrician ended up being here for hours. he climbed all through the roof, found a leaky pipe (I had thought the roof was leaking, but the real estate haven't bothered about it since I moved here), and generally swore and cursed because the place is wired so badly. The upshot was that I now can't plug in my dishwasher as that power point is the culprit, and he says the rain has probably shifted the foundations just enough to cause it to happe. the wires are in the ground under the house, and the dishwasher is in an island bench in the kitchen, so it would cost thousands to fix it. He says I can run the thing off an extension, so it's not all bad news. He emptied oput my cupboards as I have lots of power points hidden, and he moved my bed and the mattress was skewiff. It was a task to get everything put back in place. But he worked really hard, and did an excellent job.

I made it to the appointment, but not looking very pretty as I've been caught in the rain a few times lately. My hair goes frizzy in the rain. And by the time I got some groceries, and got home, I felt really spent, mostly from anxiety all day. I absolutely have to hit the books tomorrow, after I get the place tidy for the inspection. And with this news, the owner might try to ditch the place really quickly. I think I'll have to look around again. Another move!

And the doctor didn't give me good news, either, but that's a whole other story.

1782. happyture6 March 2012, 12:34 GMT +01:00

Oh dezzie i have been thinking of you.
You are having a terrible time down there gurl, i cant believe the weather Australia is getting just of late, surely not normal weather is it,,,i have been busy, they seem to think my eldest daughter may have glandular fever,,,i hope its not, she's on antibiotics and is getting better slowly, we wont know for sure untill her blood test returns, so my grandson stays here a bit , just to let her rest...its a rum old life isn't it Dezzie :O)

1783. xymonau6 March 2012, 13:23 GMT +01:00

We have had mild floods only here, but other places have been badly hit. Yes, the weather is really odd. I think it will get worse, not better.

Look after your daughter. That's a nasty illness and it drags on for years. My son was still getting sick five years after he was diagnosed. It would hit out of the blue, and he'd be back in bed for a few weeks. Make her rest and drink lots of water. And no junk food!

1784. happyture7 March 2012, 9:36 GMT +01:00

She looks terrible but she says she's feeling better, she seems to want to sleep all the time, I hope that its not glandular fever, and just a bad case of the flu, Corey my 6 year old Grandson can not understand why she's sleeps quite as much, he said ah yeah she's poorly,,is that why she don't want to play good games, bless him :O)

1785. xymonau7 March 2012, 10:25 GMT +01:00

If it has been longer than 2 weeks, it isn't the 'flu. The poor girl.

1786. happyture7 March 2012, 14:41 GMT +01:00

I dont believe it, my youngest daughter has gone down with the same thing, she has got to have blood tests Friday,, :O(

1787. xymonau8 March 2012, 0:29 GMT +01:00

Wow! It's transmitted in saliva, so maybe someone shared a cup? You be careful. I suspect it might be worse if you're older.

1788. happyture8 March 2012, 13:21 GMT +01:00

Yuck,,Im funny like that i only drink out of my own cup..its horrible, i cant stand to look at theirs throats cuz they look that sore and swollen :O(

1789. xymonau8 March 2012, 15:03 GMT +01:00

Well, that's a good thing. Make sure the boy doesn't drink out of their cups.

1790. happyture9 March 2012, 9:30 GMT +01:00

Well,,,they gone for blood tests this morning, lets hope they are clear :O)

1791. xymonau10 March 2012, 10:22 GMT +01:00

Are they still sick?

1792. happyture11 March 2012, 23:32 GMT +01:00

NO,,,, they just had a really bad case of tonsillitis,,, i know thats not good but its better than glan/fever :O)

1793. xymonau12 March 2012, 3:57 GMT +01:00

Wow - that's great news, Mike! I thought you were in for months of misery. Tonsilitis is the pits, but it goes away.

This is cause to celebrate. I shall have an extra serving of lasagna in your honour!

1794. happyture12 March 2012, 13:48 GMT +01:00

Thank you dezzie, im a happy man, but my grandson has it now..

1795. xymonau12 March 2012, 14:01 GMT +01:00

Bloomin' 'eck, Mikey! Its a PLAGUE!! Do you still have your tonsils? Are you going to get it next??

1796. happyture14 March 2012, 8:38 GMT +01:00

What did you say that for,,,,Eeerrrr i feel ruff, got cold sore throat tummy ache, but just had to come visit you, if only to poke you with this pointy stick i found,,,Doc said its viral,,,I said shit thats the last time i use the internet if its gonna make me feel this bad....

1797. xymonau14 March 2012, 9:26 GMT +01:00

I used to have a lotta frens like you. I called 'em hemmenees.

1798. happyture14 March 2012, 9:41 GMT +01:00

Was only ha gentle poke, see, yoo has two mown bout that two dunya..

1799. xymonau14 March 2012, 12:09 GMT +01:00

You sees, Mikey-me-lad, there hiz "gennle" an there hiz GENNLE! THAT woz a GENNLE poke, an heye yam gettin' haggravated.

1800. happyture14 March 2012, 12:58 GMT +01:00

You sez yoo iz always Haggravated, muss be hinherited ...

1801. xymonau14 March 2012, 13:00 GMT +01:00

No, sometimes I yam eatin', so don't zaggerate. Hiff it woz inherited, I got it from my son.

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