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4 seasons on 45 seconds

1. jimdaly9817 February 2011, 18:39 GMT +01:00

Stumbled across this one - thought you might like it.

386. happyture4 May 2011, 22:59 GMT +02:00

I am on bestest best behaviour, and if you dont believe me ask me Ma... :O)

387. Groningen5 May 2011, 1:00 GMT +02:00

first give her back her teeth

388. happyture5 May 2011, 8:45 GMT +02:00

Whoo hooo, Gron you is for the high jump when our Dezzie reads this, Dezzie has her own pearly whites, you know Teefs, and they is real she tells me, stuck in her head, growin out her gums teefs, I know this cuz i asked her if she wanted to borrow mine while she chewed her vegetarian pork chop .....

389. xymonau5 May 2011, 10:27 GMT +02:00

I do not eat pigs.

I has my own teefs, yes. Achin' beggars they is.

I fink Chrisitne meant give yer Mam's teefs back. Well, you HAS had 'em all week. The poor ol' fing is still suckin' onna snag wot was served up last Tuesday.

390. happyture5 May 2011, 20:20 GMT +02:00

I dunno, i is gettin the feeling im being ganged up on, and thats just not fair, And mother said to tell you, thhhink iths my thurn orth thhe Teetttth, I,l translate it next tuesday when its ma's turn for the teefs...??

391. Groningen5 May 2011, 22:04 GMT +02:00

@390: you're making less sense then usual
are you taking meth again?

392. happyture5 May 2011, 22:21 GMT +02:00

Ha ha, no, too much sun on my head i think, boiled my brain me thinks!

393. xymonau6 May 2011, 7:50 GMT +02:00

You killed the rat?!

394. happyture6 May 2011, 7:52 GMT +02:00

L@@K ,,,,,like water off a ducks back,, I ain't listening,, who put the T in listening ?

395. xymonau6 May 2011, 7:54 GMT +02:00

The raT.

396. happyture6 May 2011, 9:49 GMT +02:00

MMM,MMMM, MMMM,, LA LA (FINGERS IN MY EARS AINT LISNING ) out of bed the wrong side today Mrs Dezzie mmmm!!!!

397. xymonau6 May 2011, 13:00 GMT +02:00

No. Feeling fine. Kezausted, but fine. You're gunna wash them fingers aincha?

398. happyture6 May 2011, 14:23 GMT +02:00

Eeerrrr, you just reminded me after eating a packet of Salt N Earwax flavour crisps..

399. xymonau6 May 2011, 14:27 GMT +02:00

Have you hever noticed that peoples don't eat much when you're around?

400. happyture6 May 2011, 14:40 GMT +02:00

Zactly,,,And its more for ma fat belly!

401. xymonau6 May 2011, 15:02 GMT +02:00

Are there a lot of calories in earwax?

402. happyture6 May 2011, 19:19 GMT +02:00

I,ll share.. Want sum!

403. Groningen7 May 2011, 1:12 GMT +02:00

@401: notable quotable!

404. xymonau7 May 2011, 9:33 GMT +02:00

I'll pass, thank you. I just ate. And I'm not sure which ear the rat enters by. Might not be hygienic.

405. happyture7 May 2011, 10:17 GMT +02:00

Ok, dont say i didn't offer, well, its Saturday morning here in grey dull UKland, looks like a storm is on its way, what shall i do today?

406. xymonau7 May 2011, 11:24 GMT +02:00

You could phone a friend, read a book, curl up under the doona, clean out the kitchen drawers (yes, I KNOW!),cut those hideous toenails (please!), go to the library, visit the local museum, catch a train somewhere, help out at the local homeless place, help out at the animal refuge, read another book, watch telly, look up your own name on the internet, mess around with Stumbleupon...

407. happyture7 May 2011, 12:51 GMT +02:00

Too much information, you've given me a headache now, have you got any parrotseatamalls for it, Catch a train sounds good, like a mystery tour, not cheap here in UKland train fairs you knows!!

408. xymonau7 May 2011, 14:02 GMT +02:00

Paracetamol hurts your liver. I have aspirin. Here, take several. Well, you could go trainspotting.

409. happyture7 May 2011, 16:59 GMT +02:00

Mmmm, i need one of those Anorak thingy's to go train spotting, and a pair of buddy Holly glasses???

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